Dementia Care

At Danesbrook, we aim to look after all our residents affected by dementia in a comfortable and secure environment, but also one that is stimulating and rewarding, thereby preserving and enhancing our residents’ life skills. We recognize that people with dementia often feel vulnerable and are in need of reassurance, so providing person centered care can make a huge difference to those affected by dementia. We look at the individual; their unique qualities, abilities, interests, choices and needs and then offer care that is very much designed around these needs.

The care team at Danesbrook is trained to value each resident as an individual and provide care according to his or her needs. This training includes the need to be patient, tolerant and kind while retaining their sense of identity and self-worth. The team aims to build self-confidence, keep residents engaged and communicating and encourage memories of the past. As well as encouraging them to maintain relationships with their family and friends outside the home we also offer carefully planned activities that they can take part in if they wish to.

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We offer

  • Fully trained , dedicated and compassionate staff
  • A tailored care plan that is individual to each of our residents
  • High staff to resident ratios
  • A varied programme of activities for individuals and groups
  • 24 hr access for families
  • Beautifully designed accommodation
  • Wholesome traditional meals with cooked with seasonal ingredients
  • A laundry and domestic service
  • An active involvement and feedback from family members


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